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The pandemic time is obviously having a disastrous impact on both the business and economy standards. Most of the industry sectors are trying their best to survive in this time. And among these, the on-demand delivery services and businesses are on the top. Our advanced technologies and concepts have brought an increased comfort and convenience to our people. The on-demand delivery sectors are thriving due to the high restrictions in our goods transportation. 

So, apparently, the restrictions due to COVID-19 have highly increased delivery businesses all around the world. The courier delivery through online medium concept is the general base. And thereby arises an on demand courier delivery methods. In this blog, we will briefly check out the important features of any delivery clone script.

The main goals 

The courier delivery apps highly enhance the comfort and convenience of the users. It provides real-time order tracking, so that the users can know the exact status about their orders. And moreover every step of the order processing will be notified via online notifications or through the text messaging options. Provides online records of booking and other activities. Facilitates business persons to simplify business processes. 

Optimizes route and gives full control of the fleet. Takes care of invoicing, estimates, and other necessary aspects. Simply stated, the on-demand courier delivery applications can increase the services of courier services and thereby you can provide a better experience for your customers. Let’s go through some of the features that’s need for every of the online courier delivery scripts.

Important Features

Like every other delivery app clone script, there must be unique and distinct features which increases the agility of your business. The must have features in your script should be – separate panels for users and the delivery personnel.

User panel – Registration 

Users should be provided with the option for registering themselves through mail id, phone number or any social media account. Registration process should be made simple to get in. To have so, basic details like phone number and mail address can be asked. After a successful registration, the user now has his own account. They can set up their  profile with their pictures and other information. This should be a one-time process and no sensitive details are necessary in profile creation.


Users can complete their entire booking process with this feature. The user needs to select the pickup location from the existing saved addresses or new other address. The user needs to provide the deposit address. Following to that, they need to select the courier and delivery type. This takes the users to the confirmation and payment page. After the successful payment, the delivery will be processed.

The on demand delivery app clone provides options for grocery and food. People can search for groceries or food and add them to get delivered. After selecting all the required choices, the delivery will be arranged. This can be the most needed feature for your delivery app clone. Apart from these choices, users can also opt for medicine deliveries etc. The service providers can add any more features in the script for catering the growing demand for the doorstep delivery of medicines.


Users can track their deliveries at ease by finding the location of the delivery personnel. Adding more to that, contact details of the delivery persons will also be updated for the ease of communication. The past and pending record of deliveries will be shown in a separate panel. The estimated time of delivery or every other movement is known through the tracking feature.

Delivery Panel – Profile Creation

The delivery personnel creates an account by providing their phone number and mail address. After the registration process, the profile can be built. 

Delivery Information

This is the same as in the user panel. Delivery information features provides the customer’s address. The delivery person can contact the customer in case of any destination tracking circumstances. Every information, which includes courier type, customer’s name, address, contact etc can be found here. Delivery information is a dashboard for every delivery person. Accessing any information and toggling through it should be made easier. The admin gets the priority to see the details of ‘Picked’ or ‘On the Way’ or ‘Delivered’ statuses.

History & Wallet

Here, the delivery personnel can check any new or past deliveries. Be it whatever like, grocery, food, medicine or any other. It displays the details of every delivery, may it be active or pending. Delivery history displays the details of every past delivered order and also its payment details. This works just like a worksheet for delivery personnel. One can deposit the money in the in built wallet. And later may use it for payment purposes. This panel shows the transaction records of every single day. Delivery personnel can get to see the payment type selected by the customers for their order. They can very well transfer their earnings to the wallet anytime. This will be a safe and quick option and can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Admin panel

Apart from these two panels, the delivery app clone script also has an Admin Panel. This is where you will get a complete control over all of the delivery processes. This panel displays the status of active or pending deliveries, the delivery person’s route etc. Integrating with different analytics tools for the purpose of tracking the usage and getting other necessary records and reports. Considering the idea of warehouse management will boost up the growth in case of large scale business metrics.


Delemax, is the best and well known popular delivery app clone script in the logistics trends. It has many robust and smart features and let users access it in hassle free ways. Our on demand courier app script gives your clients an umpteen of options to choose their vendors for order placement and pickup.

These days, there are a number of delivery app clones available in the market. But the best one will meet all of its customers’ needs in a hassle free way. 

Bottom Line

It is very important and essential to choose the correct on demand delivery app clone  providers with an excellent benchmark and standards. We, Bytesflow Technologies, have gained many appreciations across the zone with our distinct works. Take up your business to the greatest heights with our product, Delemax. Our in house professionals will provide you with reliable and the best services with agility. Visit Us to know more about our products and services.

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