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"Good customer service is hard to find, if you can find it at all these days. Nice to know zZounds hasn't forgotten what counts. I never bought from zZounds before and bet I'll be back again. Thanks guys!!"
December 19, 2022


Building a recording studio? zZounds has the gear you need for every part of the signal chain. It all starts with microphones. Large-diaphragm condensers, small-diaphragm condensers, dynamic mics for drums -- you'll find them all in our Microphone Buying Guides, along with XLR cables, microphone stands, and pop filters.

For easy multi-track recording, you'll find standalone portastudio-style and portable handheld audio recorders. And if you want to record with computer-based DAW software, we can help you choose digital audio interface that fits your budget.

Looking for outboard gear? From mic preamps to vocal effects processors, we have you covered. And for playing back your mixes, we've got powered studio monitor speakers in every price range. Call our Gear Experts now for help with your purchase: 800-460-8089.