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January 6, 2022
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Getting your songs heard is hard enough by itself. Add an un-amplified acoustic guitar to that mix, and often those beyond the first few rows won't have any idea what you're playing. Thankfully, acoustic-electric guitars were created to solve this problem. While an acoustic guitar is a beautiful-sounding instrument all on its own, it usually isn't loud enough for any type of live performance beyond those at coffee shops or open mic nights at the local bar. Sure, you can point a microphone toward an acoustic guitar on stage, but on a loud stage with other instruments, it typically isn't the most practical method for projecting your guitar's sound to a larger crowd.

While they look nearly identical to regular acoustic guitars, acoustic-electric guitars borrow some technology from electric guitars to produce a hybrid that excels both as a private songwriting tool, as well as an instrument for entertaining thousands at a big show. With the addition of electronics, acoustic-electrics can be easily plugged into an amplifier or PA system, as loud as you like. Typically, piezo pickups are found in the guitar's bridge, converting vibrations into electrical signals that can them be amplified. This results in a clear acoustic tone without all the background stage noise you'd get by simply placing a microphone in front of your acoustic guitar.

Ibanez's line of acoustic-electric guitars deliver incredible performance thanks to high-tech electronics, along with the use of premium tonewoods throughout the entire lineup. The Artwood Series combines cutting-edge woodworking with traditional materials like spruce and mahogany to create familiar tone for the modern player, all at a price that's accessible to the budget-conscious musician. The always-interesting Ibanez AEW Series features radical designs made from exotic tonewoods like the beautiful zebrawood and walnut. As Ibanez's flagship acoustic series, the AE models cater specifically to the gigging performer.

Models from the AEL series benefit from the largest body design Ibanez makes, producing warm bottom end with just enough top-end sparkle for your tone to shine through the mix. Talman Series acoustics offer incredible tone from a body shape reminiscent of Ibanez's Talman electric guitars. The slim AEG Series models offer the easier playability of an electric guitar, combined with the incredibly rich tone of an acoustic. And if you're bargain-shopping for the most cost-effective acoustic-electric guitar out there, Ibanez's PF Series instruments offer professional features and robust tone at a great price.